Whisky Squad Goes Retro

June has almost passed, and with it two excellent new Whisky Squad themes. If you missed the Mini Whisky Dinner, bad luck. If you haven’t yet grabbed a ticket to our very first Canadian Whisky Tasting on the 19th June, head on over to the event page and snap up one of the last few tickets.

In July we have decided to revisit two perennial favourite session themes: we kick off the month with a peat-fest in St James, followed up with a visit to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Farringdon. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of cracking new drams to taste! Here’s the skinny on the sessions:

Whisky Squad #89 – Bringing Back The Smokestack

It’s been a good long while since we’ve dedicated a whole session to those tasty peaty drams, so Joel is setting out to rectify this ASAP. There have been a whole raft of new smoky whiskies released recently, and not all of them from distilleries you might expect. Peat freaks – get in quick for this one!

Whisky Squad #90 – It’s All In The DNA?

It’s time for a trip back to our favourite Whisky Society in Farringdon for some science. Very rough science that is. SMWS Ambassador, John McCheyne, will pair up mystery drams from the same distillery to see if we can uncover some whisky DNA.

Bookings for these two sessions open at 1pm on Friday, 20th June.

All are welcome at Whisky Squad tastings – there’s no membership requirement:  the only thing we hope for is that you’re interested in learning/talking about whisky.

Whisky Squad sessions for April

April is just around the corner, which can only mean one thing…


So we are more than a little bit excited to present these tastings for you:

Thursday 3rd April – Whisky Squad #83 – Fourth Birthday Extravaganza!: It’s the main event, when we celebrate four years of existence. As is traditional, Jason, Billy and Joel will bring their favourite drams for a whisky showdown.

Thursday 17th April – Whisky Squad #84 – November Alpha Sierra: Jason and Billy are back in charge, this time exploring the hot topic of No Age Statement whiskies and debating whether age really does matter. 

Don’t forget to check out our bookings policy.

Bookings for these tastings will open at 4pm on Friday 21st March.

See you soon at Whisky Squad!

Joel, Jason & Billy

LATE ADDITION: In April we’re also running a Whisky Basics evening (April 22nd), which is a great way to get up to speed on some of the jargon we use in whisky discussion, and to learn a few key terms… as well as trying a bunch of the main flavour profiles, and testing out some food pairings.  Don’t miss it!

Whisky Squad – Festive December Edition

The December tastings have rolled around already… and I feel like I’ve only just recovered from last year’s Whisky Surprise session! Here is what we have planned for this month. Click through for more information and to purchase tickets.

Whisky Squad #75 – The Ones That Got Away
Thursday 5th December, 7:30pm
There is not much we can tell you about this tasting, other than the fact that it will feature a mixed bag of tasty-looking drams that we haven’t quite managed to squeeze into our sessions so far this year.

Whisky Squad #76 – Whisky Surprise 2013
Thursday 19th December, 7:30pm
It’s our annual session where what we drink is up to you! Whisky Surprise is a BYO event where we invite you to bring a bottle to share with the group. Spots are still limited, but this time there is no charge for a ticket. Instead, we give you the opportunity to make a £5 donation to Crisis.org.uk.

Tickets will go on sale at 11am on Thursday November 21st. Normal Booking Rules apply.

See you at the Squad!