Two marvellous new sessions for the Eighth Month of the Year Two Thousand and Fourteen – we thought that we’d keep things fairly light and summery, but still with the depth & interest that Whisky Squad are WORLD FAMOUS for.

Whisky Squad #91: Bruichladdich, Now and Then

It’s time to turn our gaze on a single distillery, and this one’s a corker. Producing a range of spirits with very distinct and wide ranging character, we’re taking a close look at the highly distinctive Islay enigma, Bruichladdich.

Thursday 7th August, 7:30pm

Whisky Squad #92: Spirits of Summer

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy (or so they say). Some might say that whisky is more a winter drink than a summer one (who says that? let’s get ’em) but what if we proposed that whiskies have seasonal characteristics? Here’s to whiskies that are imbued with the taste of summer.

Thursday 21st August, 7:30pm

Bookings for both of these will open at 11am on Thursday July 17th – don’t miss out!

The June Tastings. Of whisky. Whisky tastings in June, more accurately. That is.

For June we’ve got not one but two guest tastings, which is wonderful news!  Both will be quite radical departures from our last few sessions (other than in the sense that they’ll come with a load of sensory stimulation and provide much to broaden our palates, minds and experiences).

Whisky Squad 87 – The Mini Whisky Dinner

Squad regulars Kirsty and Elise match and contrast a range of whiskies with a selection of nibbles & foodstuffs that they’ve picked out, or more accurately, made. Having tasted both Elise and Kirsty’s cooking in the past, this is a sure-fire winner of an evening no matter what else happens!

Whisky Squad 88 – Everybody Loves Canadians

Elise goes on to play a blinding double…  Sure we’ve looked at “American Whiskey” in previous sessions, but the USA’s northerly neighbour has almost completely been left out of our lineups.  Until now.  Canadian Whiskey’s a rich topic area, and who better to guide us in than our very own Canadian Whiskey Enthusiast.

I mean, she’s a whiskey enthusiast, and Canadian.  But also an enthusiast of Canadian Whiskey.

Yep, I’m pretty sure you got that.

Bookings for these 2 sessions open at 7pm on Tuesday May 20th.

All are welcome at Whisky Squad tastings – there’s no membership requirement:  the only thing we hope for is that you’re interested in learning/talking about whisky.


Two exciting tastings in May

Continuing Whisky Squad’s extravaganza of sensory experience & whisky education, we’re proud to announce our two tasting sessions for the Merrie Month of May!

Whisky Squad #85 – Indie! Indie! – May 8th

The characteristics of whisky casks are as diverse as fingerprints, and in this session Billy Abbott and Jason B. Standing will be looking at a selection of whiskies chosen by a cornucopia of different Independent Bottlers. What it they’re looking for? Each has access to different casks and has their own personality and views, so all up it makes for a fascinating alternate view of the whisky landscape!

Whisky Squad #86 – Brilliant Blends Part Deux – May 22nd

Simultaneously the main makeup of whisky sales in the world, and also often eschewed by people as the poor cousin of Single Malts: there’s a great deal more to blended whiskies than you might assume. Jason B. Standing intends to take the group through some blends which might change the way you think about this part of the market, or if not, at least you’ll get to try some interesting whiskies.

The May sessions open for booking at noon on Friday April 18th.

3 more Whisky Squad sessions to take you further on your whisky journey…

Hi all!

This month we have three fantastic tasting sessions for you to choose from, as follows:

Thursday 6th March – Whisky Squad #81 – Billy’s Birthday Treats: Squad organiser Billy Abbott selects a brace of interesting whiskies for us to taste, because it’s his birthday and he’s allowed.

Saturday 15th March – Bonus session – WS@Compass Box Blending School: Chris Maybin takes us through the art of blending as practiced by blending artisans Compass Box at their West London HQ.

Thursday 20th March – Whisky Squad #82 – There’s Gold In Them Thar’ Off-Licences!: Whisky Enthusiast, bar professional & TWE adviser Enrico Gaddoni shares with us some of the gems he’s unearthed from some unlikely places around the country.

As always, our bookings policy applies to these sessions.

Whisky Squad tastings are designed to be an informal and informative, fun way of learning about and tasting whisky.  Whilst not an “introduction to whisky” session, we have people of all backgrounds and facets of whisky exposure, and everyone interested in whisky is very welcome!


In this most August of months…

Unfortunately due to a slight hiccup, we will only have one Whisky Squad session available to book today.

However we’re all very excited about it, and have a feeling it’s going to be one of those ones that people talk about in hushed tones of awe for months afterwards.

Whisky Squad 67: Billy’s Sensory Mindphucq

Experiential astronaut and serial beard proprietor Billy Abbott has a Whisky Squad session lined up for us which explores the nature of our sense experience and how it relates to whisky.  Not to be missed.

Thursday August 8th, 7:30pm, The Royal Oak (Borough) – £16pp

 Whisky Squad 68 will still be taking place later in August – stay tuned for details.

Some further tasting fun for July

Two Whisky Squad sessions coming up for July (plus a bonus free tasting put on by our chums at The Great Whisky Company)!


“Honey? Vanilla? We’re not making a cake, you know.”

Thursday July 11th – Whisky Squad #65

John McCheyne takes us through a selection of single cask whiskies from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, and shows that though honey and vanilla notes are often present in whisky owing to the production process, there are many more flavours out there – and single cask whisky is an ideal place to find them!

“Beer Squad”

Thursday July 25th – Whisky Squad #66

With beer being the basis of whisky (more or less), and a flavour diaspora of its own, Tony Cripps presents a selection of beers & beer styles that may interest the whisky enthusiast.

Bookings for these 2 sessions open at 5pm on Tuesday June 25th.  For info about how bookings, please have a look at our easy-to-digest bookings policy.

and, if you’re not busy on Thursday the 27th of June, please also consider the Rock Town Distillery Tasting at Soho Whisky Club (free event – not part of normal Whisky Squad sessions).

Whisky Squad’s June Lineup…

The whisky fun continues in 2013, with 2 more great sessions to sample, discuss & learn about intricacies of the whisky world…

Whisky Squad #63 – 6th June – Better The Devil?

Berry Brothers & Rudd’s own Basingstoke-based superstar Mr Rocky Lancer takes us through some of their exquisite independently bottled whiskies, lining them up next to official distillery bottlings, giving us a chance to examine similarities and differences.

Whisky Squad #64 – 20th June – What’s it got to do with a Plasticene Parrot?

Our resident dramologist Mr Joel Eastman looks at the idea of “distillery polymorphism” – distilleries that produce multiple styles of spirit using the same equipment.  Perhaps it’ll open a discussion about what regionality means in a whisky?  Who knows?  It’ll be interesting, anyway!

Bookings for these sessions open Friday May 24th at 3pm.

For other info, have a look at our booking policy.

Good luck, and hope to see you in June!

Somebody should invent a charity fundraiser where you staple things together for a month. We could call it Stapril.

3 more lovely Whisky Squad tastings to enjoy in April. When the bookings open at 10am on March 15th you’ll be able to have a go at signing up for…

Whisky Squad #58 – The Whisky Squad 3rd Birthday Three-Way (April 4th)

Billy, Joel and Jason will attempt to sway the group to vote for them as they present a couple of their favourite whiskies each, in an X-Factor style throwdown. Complete with tapdancing.  Probably.  Last year there was jazz and seashore noises. This year, whatever happens, we can promise lovely whisky.

Whisky Squad #59 – Field Trip: Tunbridge Wells (Royal) (April 13th)

We visit the inner sanctum of whisky retailer & purveyor of fine whisky products – Master of Malt – at their premises in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Whisky Squad #60 – “Reverse Notes” (April 18th)

Just for something a bit different, we thought it might be fun to take other peoples’ tasting notes and see if we can match them up against a brace of blind-tasted whiskies.  There’s probably a board game or gameshow analogy here, but given that X-Factor was the most current TV show I could think of, it’s clear I’m not the expert in this field.

When bookings open, please only book one or the other of #58 or #60 – if there’s any spaces still available as of midnight, then you can book for the other one. #59 is a Saturday afternoon, so that’s different – go for it!

March is the third month and three is the number of tastings we have in store for you.

Hello everyone!

We’ve got another three lovely tastings organised for your enjoyment and edification – feast thine eyes:

Thurs 7 Mar : Whisky Squad #55 – Mr T.T. Lee presents…

Billy Abbott expands on a favourite topic of his: the tasty, high quality, and often surprising realm of Taiwanese whisky.

Thurs 21 Mar : Whisky Squad #56 – Deep in Darkest Soho

Isabel Graham-Yooll has kindly offered to make Whisky Squad’s first acquaintance with London’s first specialist whisky shop – Milroy’s of Soho.

Sat 30 Mar : Whisky Squad #57 – Who’d build a distillery in Battersea?

Darren Rook – former regular Whisky Squad fixture, and visionary – is very excited to introduce us to his new project: The London Distillery Company.

Bookings for Whisky Squad 55, 56 and 57 will open at 1pm on Thursday February 21st.

Please – in order to give people more opportunity to attend a session, we’re asking that you only book one or the other of sessions 55 or 56 on Thursday.  As of Friday it’s open season though.