Whisky Squad #6 now open for bookings – Brilliant Blends

Can you really believe that Whisky Squad’s reached the midway point between not being in existence, and being a year old? That’s right… it’s session number 6 already! Our “anni-half-sery”!

Whisky Squad #6 will take place on Thursday September 9th at 7:30pm at The Gunmakers pub in Clerkenwell (London’s finest and most convivial ale house).  The theme for this month is:


“Sorry, did they say ‘blends’?”

You bet your [valuable things] we did!  Single malt enthusiasts the world over seek the wide-ranging flavour options of each distinctive region and distillery… so surely there can’t be any blended whiskies that will interest us will there?  WILL THERE?  And just what’s meant by a blend, anyway?  Come along to Whisky Squad #6, and all will become clear*….

Bookings now open on the form you’ll see when you click on this link.

£15 per head in advance, first come – first served.  We’d like to be able to open each session up to more people, but it’s a fairly cosy environment as-is.  Hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to score a spot.  Or, put a circle around October 7th in your diary and keep an eye on the goings on here at www.whiskysquad.com !

(* at least as clear as usual)

Whisky Squad #4: Islay

For our fourth outing, we’ll be tasting our way through some wonderful whiskies from the island of Islay, Queen of the Hebrides, famed for its peaty potions and phenolic tonics, as well as some lighter expressions too. The island is home to eight active distilleries, giving us plenty to choose from, and anyone who hasn’t already signed up is advised to do so sharpish!

The date is Thursday July 1 starting at 19:30 upstairs at The Gunmakers pub. Entry is £15 per person: there are 14 spaces only, so don’t delay – click here to reserve yours now!

Jason's favourite Islay holiday snap

Whisky Squad #3 – The Islands

Now we know how to drink whisky (thanks, Whisky Squad #1) of contrasting styles (cheers, Whisky Squad #2), we thought it was time we sent our tastebuds and olfactory bulbs on a little scenic adventure.  Whisky Squad #3 will take you island hopping – with some fine Scotches from destinations flung as far as Orkney, Skye, Mull, Jura and Arran.

The date is Thursday June 3 starting at 19:30 upstairs at The Gunmakers pub.  Entry is £15 per person, with spaces limited to a lucky 13.

It would be ludicrous for you to miss this chance to try the interesting and sometimes lesser-known flavours of Scotland’s periphery – sign up here, immediately!