Whisky Squad #19 guestblogged

Charly must’ve been suffering a bout of insomnia following the last Whisky Squad session – “Grain and Grape” – because her excellent blogpost on it was published the very next day!  Splendid work there.  As usual, the prize for being first guestblog out is the adulation of your peers and the prestige of being mentioned in a post here on WhiskySquad.com – as well as being linked to as the definitive account of the evening from our “The Drams So Far” archive.

In fact, the only person slacking off in the chain is me, really, because I didn’t mention that she’d blogged it until nearly a week later.  Big smacks.

(Billy also said to mention that he’d written it up, on his eponymous & Dionysian web thing)

Whisky Squad #18 guestblogged!

In what seemed like the twinkling of an eye – but was in fact a fortnight – once again Billy’s rushed to the fore with a comprehensive and excellent writeup of the goings on at our American Whiskey session as held in the first week of July.

He really does a staggeringly good job of these – I’ve still got my report from March’s Whisky Live festival sitting in my Drafts folder.  Sufficed to say that if you weren’t already jealous at having missed this session, you most likely will be after reading this post.

Japanese Whisky Squad session #2 guestblogged

With what is probably a terrifying level of accuracy, indefatigable bloggerati member Billy has recorded exactly what went on during that fateful night in the rarefied surroundings of the upstairs room at Albannach on Thursday June 23rd when Whisky Squad held Japanese session #2 (which was actually Whisky Squad #17) – guest hosted by the one & only Mr Zoran Peric:

Whisky Squad #17 – Japan Part 2 (of 2): “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time”

At least, I’ve got to take his word that that’s what happened.  I couldn’t make it.  For all I know, he’s made the whole thing up, and they didn’t drink any whisky at all – instead holding some sort of round-robin Carcasonne tournament.  That’s probably what went on.

Japanese Whisky Squad session #1 guestblogged

A pair of extremely fine accounts of our first ever Japanese whisky tasting session are up & ready for you to read – the first of which was rushed out in near-superhuman time by Alan over at The East London Drinker.  The whisky list looks to have roundly embraced the theme for the night, and reports back from various participants confirm that there are loads of fascinating things going on in the Japanese whisky industry!

Making with his usual excellent tranche of sensory reportage is the globally acclaimed Billy’s Booze Blog entry on the event.

Any night that features a 3 month old peaty maniac of a drink which evokes swear words from grown adults has got to be great.

Coming up next, we’ve got the second Japanese Whisky Squad session on June 23rd (sold out, but watch @whiskysquad on twitter for news of cancellations), and stay tuned for the bookings opening up for our American Whiskey Session on July 7th any day now…

Whisky Squad #14 guestblogged – that is to say, blogged, by one of our guests.

And just in time, for Whisky Squad session #15 takes place tomorrow night!  Huzzah!

But the crux of this post is that Billy has eloquently and accurately summed up the evening’s events nicely – with extra niceness, in fact – over on his eponymous blog.

And, as always, the list of whiskies that Whisky Squad has tackled has now similarly been updated, and is available for your viewing pleasure or to aid reminiscence, on The Drams So Far list.


Whisky Squad Birthday Tasting Guestblogged!

Tortured souls feeling deprived (and rightly so) for missing the Whisky Squad #13 session last week (our 1st Birthday Spectacular) can now catch up on all the information they missed by popping over to Caffiene Frenzy Wanderlust and reading Charly’s musings on the whiskies we had to mark the momentous occasion. Old man’s sick… wet canine… cough syrup… It’s probably worth highlighting that she actually enjoyed the evening.

Fans of verbosity might also enjoy Billy’s slightly expanded take on proceedings – reading that almost made me feel like I was actually there.

So with another Whisky Squad session scheduled for tomorrow night, and the May session recently booked out, things are well underway and going strong.

Keep an eye on this website, gentle reader, for further news of Whisky Squad goings on…

Whisky Squad #12 guestblogged, already!

It’s all well and good to say that people who weren’t able to get to the March session of Whisky Squad missed out on a top night, but now thanks to the latest post on Billy’s Booze Blog you can see in detail exactly how much fun we had.

The brilliant iPhone-tography of Chris Matchett gives some idea of the imposing yet exciting spectacle that greeted the eyes of attendees as they entered the enveloping darkness of the tasting room…

Another landmark Whisky Squad session down!  And many more to come.

We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our Spiritual guide for the evening, Mr Chris Maybin of the Compass Box Whisky Company, and look forward to seeing him again soon.

Be sure to watch this space for news of the goings-on for April – Whisky Squad’s First Birthday!

Update: How exciting! Whisky Squad first-timer Charly has also put together a blogpost about the tasting. So, y’know, read it!

Whisky Squad #11 guestblogged

On the offchance you’re keen to read about what went down at the February session of Whisky Squad (“The Bottle of Britain”), a couple of more-than-adequate accounts have now been published on the Interpipes.

As the title suggests, the format of the evening was to explore the flavour & style options available from around the United Kingdom nowadays, and sample whisky from all around the place – not just sticking to Scotland like we normally do.

Firstly, as beginner’s luck dictates, relative newcomer and prominent beer enthusiast “Alan” provided a drink-by-drink chronicle of the evening’s progress over at his generally ale-centric website, East London Drinker.

In addition the barbigerous bibant baptised as Billy (blameable for Billy’s Booze Blog – hmm, best bring about an abrogation to the alliteration or else it’ll turn into that joke about the time the big brown bear bowled into the Boston bourbon bar…) has scratched out a perfunctory series of symbols and diagrams to sum up how he felt it went.

Quite good fun, by all accounts.

Keep your peepers peeled for news of Whisky Squad #12 – to open for booking any day now – on the 3rd of March 2011, with special guests – the chaps from Compass Box!