Whisky Squad #10 guestblogged

In what seemed like the blink of an eye – but was in fact 5 days – the infamous whisky scribe known as “Billy” was able to detail *exactly* what happened at the tenth Whisky Squad gathering on, January 6th 2011.  We were extremely fortunate to visit the historical premises of England’s oldest wine merchants – Berry Brothers and Rudd – to taste a selection of whiskies from the region of Scotland called Speyside.

Speyside is a region made up of quite a number of distilleries – I’ve been quoted numbers from 39 to 50 – and it’s a bit of an uphill push to suggest you could summarise the region in 4 bottles.  But, that never stopped us trying…  so, to find out what went on, clickez-vous:

Billy’s Booze Blog: Whisky Squad #10 – Wee Speyside Beauties

Billy got some lovely photos, and you can also look at Jason’s Flickr set.

Whisky Squad Christmas guestblogged (already!)

Clearly FURIOUS at having been beaten to the punch for the last session, this month’s heroic writeup has been tackled over at Billy’s Booze Blog, giving a sterling account of the incredible selection of whiskies that Darren assembled for our winterval joy.

Of course, in his mention of the inaugural Whisky Squad Christmas Quiz he failed to point out that it was Table 1 (aka “The Penetrating Ninjas!”) who took second place, by the narrowest of margins – a mere 7 points shy of the winning table, and I’ll hasten to add, without a single whisky industry professional on our team!  Admittedly, we had no idea what the most Northernmost, Southernmost, Easternmost or Westernmost distilleries in Scotland were, but then for a minute there it seemed that perhaps neither had Andy when writing the questions…  We didn’t have to get the duelling pistols out, however, and all was well.

Oh, and it’d be foolish not to mention how we managed to lower the air pressure in the back room at The Gunmakers by about 4 or 5 bar by way of simultaneous sharp inhalation, when Darren – amid telling about the wondrous Berry’s Own Selection Ledaig 4yo – briefly became a Gravity Management Consultant, hurling that rarest of bottles straight at the ground and then executing a majestic catch mere nanoseconds later.

If that doesn’t deserve a photograph on the Whisky Squad website, I don’t know what does.

Ladies and gentlemen, the prodigious talent that IS... Darren Rook

Whisky Squad #8 – Blogged!

The Movember effort soldiers on solidly (as a team we’ve raised nearly £1000 now!), and Billy has immortalised our tasting session of Movember bottlings past and present in his Whisky Squad #8 blog post.

This year’s limited edition bottlings – Mo’land and Smo’key – are still available from Master of Malt, and make ideal gifts for any whisky or moustache enthusiast.  And each bottle sold benefits Movember’s fundraising partner, The Prostate Cancer Charity.

For further information on the Whisky4Movember idea, visit the website.  And don’t forget to donate to our Movember team!

WS#7: Blogged

For Whisky Squad #7 we welcomed Rob, from top wine’n’spirits merchant Berry Bros and Rudd, who led a tasting to match all tastings. Check out my write-up on Good Drinks Etc here.

WS#8 will take place upstairs at The Gunmakers on Thursday November 4, when we’ll be sampling some of the special whiskies bottled in aid of Whisky 4 Movember. Stayed tuned for details.


PS: Billy managed to coalesce the vapours of recollection into a blog post about Whisky Squad #7 over on Billy’s Booze Blog as well, in case you’d like a read!

Whisky Squad #6 blogged, guestblogged, and turned into macaroni!

Whisky Squad 6?  Weren’t you there?  Awww, gee – you mean you missed it?  That’ll never do!

As luck would have it, Andy knocked out a blog post about it mere days later over on Good Drinks Etc.

And, as if that weren’t enough to go by, Billy’s Booze Blog now also contains a selection of ordered words which relate to the wondrous stuff wot we was drinking that night.

If you get sick of reading about all the fun we have, you’ll just have to try to get to Whisky Squad #7 – to be announced shortly…  stay tuned!

(n.b. Nothing was turned into macaroni.  I don’t really know why I wrote that.)

PS It looks like Darren The Whisky Guy has also had a go at capturing the information of session 6, albeit this time in a far more factual manner than usual.

Whisky Squad #5 Guestblogged and filmed!

“Whiskies for Summer” came and went, and our man Billy has already coalesced the vapours of recollection into a disturbingly accurate report of what happened that fateful night in Whisky Squad HQ.  Special thanks to our whisky expert & spiritual guide for the evening, Mr Colin Dunn – a man who knows so much about whisky he can tell you which one’s best for breakfast, and which ones make for a good aftershave!

In fact, through the magic of Darren The Whisky Guy’s multimedia production skills, here’s a video of Colin telling us about the Dalwhinnie Distiller’s Edition:

Makes me wish I had some here with me now…

UPDATE: Andy’s also blogged Whisky Squad #5 over at Good Drinks Etc.

Whisky Squad #5: Summer Whiskies

For our 5th session we will be joined by a guest tasting expert in the form of UK Whisky Ambassador Mr Colin Dunn, who will be giving us introductions to some fine whiskies for the summer season. It promises to be yet another excellent evening of whisky, and one not to be missed.

The date is Thursday August 5 starting at 19:30 upstairs at The Gunmakers pub. Entry is £15 per person.

UPDATE: This event is now fully booked, but keep checking here in case further places become available.

Whisky Squad #4 guestblogged, this time by a *proper* guest!

Our Islay session was one of the best yet, according to popular consensus, and our wide-eyed Internet-trawling trolls noticed that Whisky Squad first-timer Billy, of Billy’s Booze Blog, wrote a quite thorough & accurate account of the evening’s proceedings.  That was quick… It’s almost like he started writing notes on the tube home…  now there’s an achievement worthy of recognition!

Andy over on Good Drinks Etc. has provided an excellent report of his recent trip to Islay, the lucky scoundrel.

Jason, in the meantime, is still stumbling over putting together a blogpost about the time he sat behind Bon Jovi.  But then that’s hardly relevant.

Whisky Squad #5 bookings open very shortly… stay tuned!

UPDATE: Finally, eventually, just as everyone’s moved on to the next thing, here’s Andy’s post on WS#4, at Good Drinks Etc.

Whisky Squad #3 guestblogged!

Our resident Yoda of booze and a man who – if he started wearing a full-faced helmet in public – could very well be the Stig of Whisky, Darren the Whisky Guy, managed to beat Andy to the punch this month and has written up some notes about our Islands tasting session.  If you want to read them, you can do so by clicking on this sentence (i.e. the one you’re reading now… isn’t technology marvellous?).

UPDATE: You can now read Andy’s belated blog post on Good Drinks Etc – here!