Some graphs

Impressively, we've been keeping track of the whisky we've tasted since Whisky Squad started - and where there's data, there's potential for drawing graphs.

The graph above includes all non-whisky "stuff" in the Other category: Rum, Gin, Beer, and anything else we've dedicated a tasting to.

The next graph only takes into account drinks which fall into a Whisk(e)y category - so brings in all world whiskies, but excludes White Dog, Clearachs, or any other under-aged spirits for the relevant category.

And finally, here's the split of what whisk(e)y types we've tried since we started - rolled up into the broad headings of "Malt", "Grain", "Blend", and "Other" (this covers things like Bourbon, Rye, and so on).

Yes, it's a bit nerdy. But come on, who doesn't love graphs?!