How Bookings Work

Whisky Squad is a group of whisky enthusiasts which doesn’t run for profit, and we’ve decided that to maintain the feel & atmosphere of what we do that we need to keep the sessions reasonably small in number compared to other tasting groups.  As such, the way our booking process works is:

Booking spaces at a session

Upcoming sessions are publicised in the monthly email newsletter, on Twitter, Facebook, and periodically on this site.  The time & date that bookings for that month will open is publicised, usually at least 2 days in advance of bookings opening.

We vary the opening day & time of bookings in order to hopefully give everyone the best chance at having access to the web (i.e. some people can’t get to it at work, others can’t get to it anywhere but work).

There is no “membership” requirement for coming to a Whisky Squad session – it’s a casual tasting group, with no membership fees, which anyone (of legal drinking age) can sign up for.

Spaces per booking

Because of the limited size of the sessions, you’re only able to book a maximum of 2 spaces for any one tasting.

Choose your session!

Again, to try to make sure everyone gets a fair crack at getting a spot at our sessions, we’ve set the following rules:

1) As soon as bookings open, it’s first in, best dressed.
2) For the “normal” weeknight sessions (i.e. excluding any special weekend things we run), you may book for one or the other.  If you try to book for both sessions, one of your bookings will be rejected. UNTIL…
3) Once midnight (London time) has been reached on the day bookings open, you may then make a booking for the other session that month.

So, if bookings open on a Thursday afternoon for Session A and Session B, you can book one session (say, B) when they open, and once midnight passes, if there’s spaces left on Session A you may make a booking for that also.

“Special” sessions (typically on weekends) can be booked in addition to regular tastings with no restriction, unless otherwise indicated.


If you can’t make it to a tasting that you’ve booked, let us know by email, Twitter or Facebook with as much notice as possible.

Whiskies are bought in advance of the tasting, so it’s not possible to refund money for bookings once they’ve been made.

If you’ve told us you can’t make it to a session you’ve booked, we’re happy to offer your space(s) around to anyone else who might be interested – if we find a taker then we’ll take payment from them and then refund you the money which you paid.

We will do our best to make sure all spaces at tastings are filled, because it’s more fun when there’s more people there!

Advance payments

All bookings must be paid for at time of booking – we use a Paypal gateway to handle online payments.  You don’t need to be a Paypal member to use this facility.

If you have known trouble using Paypal please get in touch with us and we can try to make alternate arrangements where necessary.  We strongly recommend however that you ensure you’re using the most up to date browser software for your platform.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the Contact Us form.