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Whisky Squad #8 – Whisky4Movember

On Thursday November 4th we’ll be conducting our increasingly popular monthly whisky tasting session once more, this time taking in the limited release bottlings prepared in conjunction with the Movember mens’ health fundraising event, via Darren The Whisky Guy‘s MOst excellent  Whisky4Movember concept.

In addition to the bottlings, as indicated before there is a team of people getting involved in the Movember concept this year and numbered among them are several Whisky Squad regulars – you’re more than welcome to make a team donation here, or checkout the MoSpaces of Jason, Andy, Dan, Billy, and Darren.

For further information on Whisky4Movember, and the Whisky Relay running event in Battersea on November 21st, pop on over to the website! – or –

All of the places for Whisky Squad #8 are booked up, however stay tuned for December’s exciting Whisky Squad announcement!

WS#7: Blogged

For Whisky Squad #7 we welcomed Rob, from top wine’n’spirits merchant Berry Bros and Rudd, who led a tasting to match all tastings. Check out my write-up on Good Drinks Etc here.

WS#8 will take place upstairs at The Gunmakers on Thursday November 4, when we’ll be sampling some of the special whiskies bottled in aid of Whisky 4 Movember. Stayed tuned for details.


PS: Billy managed to coalesce the vapours of recollection into a blog post about Whisky Squad #7 over on Billy’s Booze Blog as well, in case you’d like a read!

Whisky Squad #7 – Berry Brothers & Rudd

Good evening all…

Whisky Squad #7 (Thursday October 7th)  is hurtling towards us with rapid abandon, and this month we’ve got special guest Rob Whitehead from Berry Brothers & Rudd!

This month’s session is fully booked, but be sure to put November 4th in your diary for Whisky Squad #8 – Whisky4Movember!

Good grief, I think this is the shortest post we’ve written so far…

Whisky Squad #6 blogged, guestblogged, and turned into macaroni!

Whisky Squad 6?  Weren’t you there?  Awww, gee – you mean you missed it?  That’ll never do!

As luck would have it, Andy knocked out a blog post about it mere days later over on Good Drinks Etc.

And, as if that weren’t enough to go by, Billy’s Booze Blog now also contains a selection of ordered words which relate to the wondrous stuff wot we was drinking that night.

If you get sick of reading about all the fun we have, you’ll just have to try to get to Whisky Squad #7 – to be announced shortly…  stay tuned!

(n.b. Nothing was turned into macaroni.  I don’t really know why I wrote that.)

PS It looks like Darren The Whisky Guy has also had a go at capturing the information of session 6, albeit this time in a far more factual manner than usual.

No more room at the inn / save the date!

Whisky Squad #6 now open for bookings – Brilliant Blends

Can you really believe that Whisky Squad’s reached the midway point between not being in existence, and being a year old? That’s right… it’s session number 6 already! Our “anni-half-sery”!

Whisky Squad #6 will take place on Thursday September 9th at 7:30pm at The Gunmakers pub in Clerkenwell (London’s finest and most convivial ale house).  The theme for this month is:


“Sorry, did they say ‘blends’?”

You bet your [valuable things] we did!  Single malt enthusiasts the world over seek the wide-ranging flavour options of each distinctive region and distillery… so surely there can’t be any blended whiskies that will interest us will there?  WILL THERE?  And just what’s meant by a blend, anyway?  Come along to Whisky Squad #6, and all will become clear*….

Bookings now open on the form you’ll see when you click on this link.

£15 per head in advance, first come – first served.  We’d like to be able to open each session up to more people, but it’s a fairly cosy environment as-is.  Hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to score a spot.  Or, put a circle around October 7th in your diary and keep an eye on the goings on here at !

(* at least as clear as usual)

Whisky Squad #5 Guestblogged and filmed!

“Whiskies for Summer” came and went, and our man Billy has already coalesced the vapours of recollection into a disturbingly accurate report of what happened that fateful night in Whisky Squad HQ.  Special thanks to our whisky expert & spiritual guide for the evening, Mr Colin Dunn – a man who knows so much about whisky he can tell you which one’s best for breakfast, and which ones make for a good aftershave!

In fact, through the magic of Darren The Whisky Guy’s multimedia production skills, here’s a video of Colin telling us about the Dalwhinnie Distiller’s Edition:

Makes me wish I had some here with me now…

UPDATE: Andy’s also blogged Whisky Squad #5 over at Good Drinks Etc.

Whisky Squad #6: Brilliant Blends

Yeh, I know we haven’t even done WS#5 yet (fully booked for Thursday August 5) – but we wanted to give Squaddies advance notice of the next fixture so calendars can be cleared in anticipation. WS#6: Brilliant Blends is scheduled to take place on Thursday September 9 (that’s the second, not the first, Thursday of the month). Amend your diaries accordingly, and watch out for further details soon.

Whisky Squad #5: Summer Whiskies

For our 5th session we will be joined by a guest tasting expert in the form of UK Whisky Ambassador Mr Colin Dunn, who will be giving us introductions to some fine whiskies for the summer season. It promises to be yet another excellent evening of whisky, and one not to be missed.

The date is Thursday August 5 starting at 19:30 upstairs at The Gunmakers pub. Entry is £15 per person.

UPDATE: This event is now fully booked, but keep checking here in case further places become available.

Whisky Squad #4 guestblogged, this time by a *proper* guest!

Our Islay session was one of the best yet, according to popular consensus, and our wide-eyed Internet-trawling trolls noticed that Whisky Squad first-timer Billy, of Billy’s Booze Blog, wrote a quite thorough & accurate account of the evening’s proceedings.  That was quick… It’s almost like he started writing notes on the tube home…  now there’s an achievement worthy of recognition!

Andy over on Good Drinks Etc. has provided an excellent report of his recent trip to Islay, the lucky scoundrel.

Jason, in the meantime, is still stumbling over putting together a blogpost about the time he sat behind Bon Jovi.  But then that’s hardly relevant.

Whisky Squad #5 bookings open very shortly… stay tuned!

UPDATE: Finally, eventually, just as everyone’s moved on to the next thing, here’s Andy’s post on WS#4, at Good Drinks Etc.