Tuesday Jun 25, 2024: 19:30 until 21:00

BeerKat Ealing
38-39 The Broadway
London W5 2NP

(7 places remaining)

There’s nothing like moving house to make a person realise just how big their whisky stash has grown. And that’s just what Elise if currently doing – packing.

Her impending move is Whisky Squad’s gain, as she clears the cupboards with a very rare Whisky Squad bottle-kill tasting. If you had the pleasure of coming to a pre-2020 Christmas Squad then you know what we’re on about. Expect some of the highlights of the last year, special drams from her personal stash, classics and last chances to try some no longer available drams.

They’ll be plenty for everyone, in a more relaxed style of tasting. Grab a friend and come along – these sessions are a Whisky Squad highlight.



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