What is it?

Whisky Squad is one of London’s OG whisky tasting nights. We host affordable sessions where whisky fans can come together and enjoy extraordinary drinks, make some new friends, and through discussion and appreciation hopefully learn something along the way.

Your hosts for Whisky Squad Billy and Elise. They keep the ship on course, running tastings every other month or so. You can get in contact with them through Facebook.

There’s no “membership” requirement for coming to a Whisky Squad session – it’s a casual tasting group with no membership fees that anyone (of legal drinking age) can sign up for.

Squad is open to anyone who wants to come, if you’re fast enough to get a ticket! They’re a hot commodity, so please check out how bookings work if you’re keen to come along.

Billy and Elise
Billy and Elise

Squad was founded by Jason and Andy when they were both London-based bloggers with a thirst for whisky, and occasionally for knowledge about whisky. In 2012 Squad team gained the expertise of Billy and Joel to beef up the team after expanding to two sessions a month. Elise came on board in 2014, bringing years of experience of running events and a love of rye whiskey.

Since then, Andy headed over the Atlanic to conquer the USA. Jason decamped to Bristol and became our man out West – he even helps run a whisky tasting group out there: Bristol Whisky Appreciation Society. Joel ran away to the countryside to raise children, walk dogs and lead drinks fans around breweries, wineries and distilleries with Grape and Grain Tours.