New Year, More Booze

Tuesday Jan 23, 2024: 19:30 until 21:00

BeerKat Ealing
38-39 The Broadway
London W5 2NP

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You may have noticed that it’s about to become 2024 (or has become 2024, depending on when you get here), which strikes us as an excellent reason to have a few drams.

Pretty much everything is an excellent reason to have a few drams.

Billy has been continuing his Squad hoarding and has a selection of tasty whiskies to pull out and share. No particular theme other than ‘here are some tasty things’ and a chance to catch up with Squad mates new and old, and tell war stories of Christmas and New Year celebrations. And drink whisky, of course.

It’s also time for us to try out a new venue – it’s opposite Ealing Broadway station, on the Elizabeth, Circle and District lines as well as real trains, so is rather easy to get to. They also have excellent beer and half decent pizza, so all will be well.

This event is fully booked.