A Very Squaddy Christmas

The Christmas Session

Monday Dec 9, 2019: 19:30 until 21:30

The King and Queen
1 Foley St
London W1W 6DL

(2 places remaining)

Yet again, Billy and Elise’s flats have become full of open bottles of whisky. It is a hardship they usually must bear alone, but you – yes you – can help them make the problem go away. By drinking it.

We’ll be bringing a stack of bottles from the Whisky Squad stash and asking you to help us finish them – #drinkresponsibly. It’ll be some of the highlights of the past few years, from recent favourites to things that you’ve probably forgotten, all open for you to come and grab a dram.

It won’t be the traditional Squad sit-down. Instead, it’ll be a milling-around social evening where you get to choose what you want to drink while chatting with fellow squadlateers. Make new friends, create business partnerships, work Machiavellian schemes, whatever floats your boat – come along and drink whisky with us.

All the proceeds from the night will be donated to our two nominated charities – Shelter and Macmillan – so bring your friends. Make sure they buy a ticket, though.

Bookings are closed for this event.