Whisky Squad #100: Whisky Surprise. What? Whisky Squad #100?! How’d that happen?

Thursday Dec 18, 2014: 19:30 until 21:00

The Red Lion
23 Crown Passage
London SW1Y 6PP

(0 places remaining)

Yes. The time has come, and through actual coincidence (we’re not organised enough to fiddle the numbers) our next session is both our last of 2014 and our 100th. Which is rather fortunate.

A little different to a regular Squad session – our yearly Whisky Surprise is where you get to bring the whisky. For a small (or larger if you’d like) donation to charity we’ll give you a seat and the opportunity to share a dram with your Squad-mates, all of whom will also be bringing a bottle.

Don’t worry, we’ll be bringing our 1cl measured pourers, so you won’t go through a whole bottle, and you’ll get the chance to try quite a few other drams, as selected by your fellow Squadlateers. Now into its fourth year, this has been consistently one of the sessions of the year, and a great way to close out our first century.

The idea is to bring something you’d like to share – be it something you really like & think others will too, something you’ve been wanting to try, or something you’ve been saving that you think is really, really impressive.

This event is fully booked.