Whisky Squad #104 – What?! Really?

Thursday Mar 5, 2015: 19:30 until 21:00

Salt Bar
82 Seymour Street
Marble Arch W2 2JB

(0 places remaining)

Billy, looking intrepidAt Whisky Squad we like to taste whiskies blind. This helps to remove a lot of the baggage that brands, house styles and tacky labels add to the whisky tasting experience, and helps us focus on what is most important: the whisky itself. However, we’ve got pretty good at blind tasting over the years and there’s increasingly some good guesses around the room.

Not this time. Billy will be presenting a line-up of whiskies specially chosen to confound expectations, and hopefully surprise you. There may be bluffs and double bluffs, but we can be sure that there will be some great drams.

Important Ticket Information!

We know it’s difficult to get a ticket to Whisky Squad at the best of times, even when there are two tastings per month. But as there will only be only one session this month, with everyone vying for just a few tickets, we have decided to do the same as in February – our own version of the Wimbledon Ticket Ballot! Please note that even though it says 150 at the top of the page, this only refers to the ballot applications. There will most definitely only be 15 (or so – we’ll fit in more if we can) tickets available for the tasting.

This is how it will work:

  1. Enter in the ticket ballot below. Don’t forget to give us your contact details and let us know whether you want one or two tickets. Entries into the ballot will close on 18th February at 2300.
  2. Following the closure of the entries, we will compile all the names and do the draw.
  3. We will contact those lucky enough to be offered tickets, give them payment details and a few days to pay.
  4. If anyone who is offered a ticket declines or fails to pay in time, we will draw another name from the ballot.

We think/hope this is a fair way to do things. Enter below and good luck!

*** 4th March Update!

The ticket ballot has been run and, due to a few people being no longer able to attend, there are two tickets available for this tasting. We are selling these tickets outright, first come first served (no need to enter a ballot).

This event is fully booked.