Whisky Squad #108 – Island Hopping

Thursday Jun 4, 2015: 19:30 until 21:30

The Red Lion
23 Crown Passage
London SW1Y 6PP

(3 places remaining)

bowmoreAs summer slowly appears, who doesn’t sit at their desk and dream of slipping away for some relaxation and rejuvenation on an island paradise?

For us, that island paradise would have a fully stocked bar and an endless supply of our desert island drams. So what kind of whisky can one find on a lump of land in the sea? Is the sea-salty tang of a hebridean dram connected in some kind of spiritual way to it’s uisce beatha brethren the world over? (see what we did there?) Is there something about being an “islander” that gives a distiller a special perspective?

In this session, Elise will take us island hopping to explore some of the many wondrous and wonderful spirits produced on islands around the world. Bodies of land, surrounded by water, making whisky – what’s not to love?

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