Whisky Squad 10th Annual Christmas Party – Online Edition

Monday Dec 21, 2020: 19:00 until 21:00

In a Zoom room
Please wear clothes

(0 places remaining)

Our Christmas party is about getting the gang together to talk rubbish rather than do a formal tasting, and that’s something that we think would go down rather well at the moment, even if we can’t all be in the actual same physical room.

The plan is simple: we’ll send you a pack of six tasty things to drink and a link to a Zoom room where we’ll host a party. There will be a quiz, competitions, prizes and the opportunity to hang out with the rest of The Squad for an evening.

There are, however, two reasons why we’re partying:
1) to hang out together for the first time in ages
2) to raise a load of money for charity.

As we have since the first-ever Squad party back in the mists of time, we will be donating all the proceeds to Shelter and Macmillan.

The sample packs will all be selected in a fairly random fashion, with every one slightly different, although we’ll make sure that everyone gets something a bit special. We’ll be including one whisky that everyone will be drinking to kick off the evening’s festivities, and there’ll be at least four more whiskies, with the sixth slot saved for something a bit different from Billy and Elises’s stashes. As we know not everyone likes peaty things, we’ll have two different ticket options: a regular one and a special ‘no smoke for me!’ option for those who do not partake of the peaters.

Bookings will be open until midday on 1 December 2020, and we’ll send the packs out after that. It’s UK only at the moment, but if you are further afield and want to join in, drop us a line, and we’ll see what we can do…

So, join us for an evening of online fun and BYOC – Bring Your Own Cake.

This event is fully booked.