Whisky Squad #11 – The Bottle of Britain

Thursday Feb 3, 2011: 19:30 until 21:30

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Great Britain is a big place.  And there are many bottles, from many parts of it.  What could this month’s theme be?  And which bottles will we have shipped in to taste?  Maybe “ship in a bottle” is a clue?  They drink rum on ships… are we tasting rum?  Who knows!?  Only one way to find out…  sign up!

The evenings are run as blind tasting sessions, with an emphasis on exploring flavours & smells, testing our boundaries to see what we like, learning about whisky, and generally having a fairly relaxed & fun time.

Entry is £15 per head, payable in advance. Please book using this web form.  Payment instructions will be sent when I get a spare moment thereafter.

Yes, it’s all very technologically advanced.

This event is fully booked.