Whisky Squad #27 – The Third Sense

Wednesday Jan 4, 2012: 19:30 until 22:00

Berry Brothers & Rudd
3 St James's Street

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Thanks for your interest – this session is now fully booked.  Perhaps have a look at one of our other sessions?

So, you think you’ve done “blind tasting”, eh?  Well that was only not being able to see the whisky…  what if you couldn’t see ANYTHING AT ALL?  It’s remarkable the way that the other four senses compensate when you’re utterly deprived of one of them, and in order to test this out and apply it to whisky we’ve arranged something rather special.

On Wednesday January 4th we are lucky to once again hold Whisky Squad at historical wine & spirits merchants Berry Brothers & Rudd’s premises (No. 3, St James’s Street).  The tasting will be conducted in pitch darkness.  Your sense of sight will be of no use to you.  It’s going to be weird, and probably very interesting.  We know this, because the tasting is to be led by the BB&R spirits specialist, Mr Robert Whitehead.  And it’s going to be in pitch darkness.

PLEASE NOTE:if you experience claustrophobia or are known to be uncomfortable in total darkness, please don’t sign up for this session as it will be difficult to get you out of the tasting without compromising the experience.This session will be £17.50 per person.

In order to be able to hold our tasting at this wonderful venue, we’ll have to adopt the non-standard running time of 19:00 on Wednesday January 4th.

This event is fully booked.