Whisky Squad #41 – No points for saying “grassy notes”

Thursday Aug 2, 2012: 19:00 until 21:00

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We’re going to do a tasting in a park!  Neat, huh?

Seeing as it’s summer we thought “Why not take the opportunity to enjoy a nice balmy evening outdoors with a few summery whiskies?”.  We’ve pointed sessions at Speyside and the Highlands before, and nosed in around the peaty gems of Islay, so the final traditional region which Whisky Squad hasn’t shone its lamp on yet is The Lowlands.

Talking us through the whiskies selected to represent this sometimes elusive and often overlooked area of Scotland’s production will be Whisky Squad founders Andy and Jason.  Seldom do you get a better example of the informality that characterises a Whisky Squad tasting than when these two are in charge.

So, being an outdoor tasting and a summer evening we figured why not turn it into a picnic as well!  Bring along a blanket and some picnic food – either to share, or to defensively protect with your sharpest elbows.  Probably best not to worry too much about bringing anything to drink though – it’s a whisky tasting, after all!

In the extremely UNLIKELY event that it does rain, we’ve organised a backup plan and will notify you on the day if the picnic has to move indoors.  Note the slightly earlier start time, as we don’t want to be stumbling around outdoors in the pitch dark.

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