Whisky Squad #47- The Extreme Whisky Tasting

Thursday Nov 1, 2012: 19:30 until 21:30

The Gunmakers
13 Eyre Street Hill, Clerkenwell
Clerkenwell EC1R 5ET

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In his maiden voyage leading a Whisky Squad tasting, we’re very pleased to announce we’ve got Australian Dramologist Mr Joel Eastman at the helm, who says this of his tasting:

When presented with the idea of an “Extreme Whisky Tasting”, I had fanciful ideas of sipping a dram whilst abseiling down The Shard, or riding the rollercoasters at Alton Towers. Both sound exciting, but there would probably be a lot of spillage. Instead, I will let the whisky provide the extremes, and have put together a line-up of drams that push the boundaries.

Each whisky will have a unique edge that sets it apart – we will experience extremes of flavour, extremes of location, extremes of production and some unusual flavours from distilleries you thought you knew. Leave your expectations at the door and prepare for a curious tasting.

Bookings open Wednesday October 17th at 7:30pm

This event is fully booked.