Whisky Squad #6 – Brilliant Blends

Thursday Sep 9, 2010: 19:30 until 21:30

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Reservations are open for the third Whisky Squad tasting session, on Thursday September 9th 2010, in central London.

Having tackled the concept of Single Malts, and ventured into the realm of Single Cask whisky, the intrepid and selfless Whisky Squad will now explore the concept of “blends”.  What does “blend” even mean?  For many people the word “blend” is synonymous with “cheap supermarket whisky to be avoided at all costs or given away to relatives safe in the knowledge that they’re unlikely to share it with you if you went to their house”.

Is there more to it than this?

We intend to find out!

The evenings are run as blind tasting sessions, with an emphasis on exploring flavours & smells, testing our boundaries to see what we like, learning about whisky, and generally having a fairly relaxed & fun time. No prior whisky experience necessary.

Entry is £15 per head, payable in advance.

This event is fully booked.