Whisky Squad #62 – Wodge of WorldCraft

Thursday May 16, 2013: 19:30 until 21:30

Salt Bar
82 Seymour Street
Marble Arch W2 2JB

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As demonstrated through various sessions that we’ve held, whisky is no longer singly the preserve of Scotland. And, in fact, less so by the day. Distilleries are springing up all over the world at something of a rate, and the finances involved mean that people are more and more focussed on high-quality product from the very word go.

Dominic Roskrow has done a great deal of work to help ensure that standards are kept high, and that craft distilling represents something which consumers can flock to knowing that they’ll get an interesting and quality product.  Last year he launched the Wizards of Whisky Awards: a place where innovative distillers could compete and celebrate without being lumped into the traditional “Rest Of World” category.

We’re delighted to welcome him to present for his second time at Whisky Squad, with a selection of whisky from distilleries which won the coveted Wizard of Whisky trophies in the inaugural competition.

7:30pm upstairs at Salt Bar on Thursday May 16th 2013.  £16 per person.

Whisky Squad is London’s friendliest, most casual, and aerodynamic whisky tasting night.  It’s amazing.  Slick as anything. Whisky enthusiasts (or people who are thinking of becoming whisky enthusiasts) of all levels are welcome to join us.

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