Whisky Squad #63 – Better The Devil?

Thursday Jun 6, 2013: 19:30 until 21:30

Salt Bar
82 Seymour Street
Marble Arch W2 2JB

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We know that Official Bottlings are selected to show off style & characteristics that the Master Blender thinks best represent the “house style” of a distillery.

We know that Independently Bottled releases of a whisky are dictated by cask selection and what the bottler feels is the best character they can get out of a cask which might interest the consumer.


For this Whisky Squad we’re demonstrating where differences and similarities can land with OBs and IBs from the same distillery! It’s an excellent opportunity to compare & contrast.

Leading the session, on his maiden voyage with our humble little group, is Squad regular Mr Rocky Lancer of globally renowned wine & spirit merchants Berry Brothers & Rudd. We’ve enjoyed many of Berry’s Own Selection in the past, and this is an excellent opportunity to view some in perhaps a slightly different context.

This event is fully booked.