Whisky Squad #64 – What’s it got to do with a Plasticene Parrot?

Thursday Jun 20, 2013: 19:30 until 21:30

The Gunmakers
13 Eyre Street Hill, Clerkenwell
Clerkenwell EC1R 5ET

(1 places remaining)

joel_eHeading for the most stupidly named Squad session yet (Jason’s idea), we’ve got a very interesting evening cued up with Joel: distilleries often release different “expressions” of whisky with different “personalities”, achieved through different ages, cask maturation types and finishes.

But what of Polymorphism*? Some distilleries produce different styles of spirit – and this is what Joel’s exploring. Can two whiskies brought up in the same neighbourhood – from the same still but with slightly different characteristics – resemble each other? Nature vs. Nurture…

* at this point, I’m hoping I don’t get flooded with complaints about this being an incorrect application of the term Polymorphism. If you squint and tilt your head a bit, it’s sort of relevant.

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