Whisky Squad #66 – Beer Squad

Thursday Jul 25, 2013: 19:30 until 21:30

The Rake

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tony_crippsIt’s come up in about 60 or so other Whisky Squad sessions: Whisky is, when you look at it, boiled beer (more or less). And so why not give a little love & attention to the idea of exploring some of the flavours and styles that you can find among the world’s beers.

In his tasting debut, Whisky Squad regular, and beer aficionado & blogger Tony Cripps takes us through a selection of beers and shares some information & stories he’s picked up along the way learning about his favourite hobby. Choosing beers to interest the whisky drinker’s palate, this promises to be every bit the flavour journey that a normal whisky session can be!

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