Whisky Squad #68 – Bottle of Britain 2: Britain Harder

Tuesday Aug 20, 2013: 19:00 until 21:00

The Red Lion
23 Crown Passage
London SW1Y 6PP

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Scotland may make some fantastic whisky, but these days there’s a lot more to the UK whisky scene than just the bit at the top. Our last exploration of some of the other whiskies of the British Isles was rather popular so we’ve decided to do it again (with different whiskies to last time).

We’ve press-ganged Whisky Exchange writer and Whisky Squad regular Tim Forbes to lead us on a journey around the British Isles, taking in some of the increasingly varied array of whiskies produced on our home turf.

Flavours. Styles. History. ¬†There’s gonna be lots of interesting stuff in this session.

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