Whisky Squad #70 – A Malt for the Whole Planet

Thursday Sep 26, 2013: 19:30 until 21:30

The King and Queen
1 Foley St
London W1W 6DL

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jasontastingwhisky500Many brands of whisky are known and enjoyed the world over. But what if a whisky tasted different in one country than it does in another, because that’s the way they liked it? This session investigates the idea of bringing a brand to the whole world and appealing to differing taste preferences from country to country.

Whisky Squad chief string-puller & leading user of expletives Jason B Standing will be leading us through this interesting and hard-to-find selection of whisky, and sharing some of the research he’s been doing on this subject.

The session involves five distilleries, some medals, and a fish.

Bookings open at 1pm on Friday August 30th.

This event is fully booked.