Whisky Squad #78 – Old and New II

Thursday Jan 16, 2014: 19:30 until 21:30

The Red Lion
23 Crown Passage
London SW1Y 6PP

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Last year we ran an experiment where we tasted three current whisky bottlings alongside their equivalent bottlings from years-gone-by. We confirmed conclusively that the taste of whisky has changed over the decades. But if my statistics class at uni taught me anything, it was that three is not an adequate sample size. So in the interest of science (but mostly in the interest of drinking great whisky) we will repeat the experiment again this January.

Professor Billy Abbott has the whisky, we have the glasses: now we just need some willing test subjects.

Central London venue, to be confirmed
£16 per person

This session will open for booking at 9:30am on Friday December 20th.  For information on how bookings work, please make sure you read our bookings policy.

This event is fully booked.