Whisky Squad #92 – Spirits of Summer

Thursday Aug 21, 2014: 19:30 until 21:30

The Royal Oak
44 Tabard St
London SE1 4JU

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So it’s apparently this thing called “summer” here in the UK, and that makes our thoughts turn to visions of green grassy afternoons melting in the park. Not whisky weather? Bah humbug.
While our fellow Brits may be reaching for their G&T’s, Squaddies Elise Craft and Joel Eastman will lead us through the whiskies of summer. From drams that evoke memories of summer days at the shore, to ones that taste of bottled sunshine, with flowers and meadows thrown into the mix – this will be a fun and refreshing look at what a seasonal profile for whisky might be.

Bookings open Thursday, 17th July at 11am

Whisky Squad events are informal, informative evenings geared to learn about and responsibly taste whisky – aimed at everyone from beginners through to cognoscenti, it’s a brilliant fun way to experience and discover.

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