Whisky Squad #97: Managing Production Variables in a Controlled Environment in the Absence of Sight

Thursday Nov 6, 2014: 19:30 until 21:00

The Red Lion
23 Crown Passage
London SW1Y 6PP

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The making of whisky involves lots of moving parts, but we often stop paying attention as soon as the whisky leaves the cask. From there the real magic starts, with the selection of casks that will make up a whisky just as key a part of the process as what happens at the distillery.

We’ll be joined by Michael Vachon of Maverick Drinks to talk about some of the whiskies he plays with, put together by not-a-distiller-but-still-a-whisky-maker Ben Ellefsen and his team at Master of Malt. Expect the unexpected, and some tasty whisky.

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