What have I got in my cupboardses?

Wednesday May 17, 2023: 19:30 until 21:00

Salt Bar
82 Seymour Street
Marble Arch W2 2JB

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Billy has spent the past couple of months trying to come up with a theme for our May Whisky Squad meetup. He has singularly failed and, with the stroke of a bad Tolkien reference, has given up.

In his cupboard he has a load of precious drams that he has acquired for the Squad in recent times. This tasting will be a reveal of what has been going through his brain in the past couple of years, as well as what has been going into his cupboard.

Worry not: Elise will be on hand as a voice of reason.

So: six tasty drams and no filthy hobbits. See you there.

Bookings open at 1pm on Thursday 27 April 2023.

This event is fully booked.