Whisky Squad #4 guestblogged, this time by a *proper* guest!

Our Islay session was one of the best yet, according to popular consensus, and our wide-eyed Internet-trawling trolls noticed that Whisky Squad first-timer Billy, of Billy’s Booze Blog, wrote a quite thorough & accurate account of the evening’s proceedings.  That was quick… It’s almost like he started writing notes on the tube home…  now there’s an achievement worthy of recognition!

Andy over on Good Drinks Etc. has provided an excellent report of his recent trip to Islay, the lucky scoundrel.

Jason, in the meantime, is still stumbling over putting together a blogpost about the time he sat behind Bon Jovi.  But then that’s hardly relevant.

Whisky Squad #5 bookings open very shortly… stay tuned!

UPDATE: Finally, eventually, just as everyone’s moved on to the next thing, here’s Andy’s post on WS#4, at Good Drinks Etc.

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