Whisky Squad #6 blogged, guestblogged, and turned into macaroni!

Whisky Squad 6?  Weren’t you there?  Awww, gee – you mean you missed it?  That’ll never do!

As luck would have it, Andy knocked out a blog post about it mere days later over on Good Drinks Etc.

And, as if that weren’t enough to go by, Billy’s Booze Blog now also contains a selection of ordered words which relate to the wondrous stuff wot we was drinking that night.

If you get sick of reading about all the fun we have, you’ll just have to try to get to Whisky Squad #7 – to be announced shortly…  stay tuned!

(n.b. Nothing was turned into macaroni.  I don’t really know why I wrote that.)

PS It looks like Darren The Whisky Guy has also had a go at capturing the information of session 6, albeit this time in a far more factual manner than usual.

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