Whisky Squad #8a – Whisky Surprise! (bookings now open)

Andy & I were pretty pleased with ourselves for the idea of holding the Christmas dinner on Dec 17th (and judging by the rapidity of response, so were you!), however I’ve had a few enquiries about what’s happening for December’s Whisky Squad.

I guess we’d anticipated that people wouldn’t want 2 sessions in the same month, but it seems that there are some people ‘reet keen on the idea.

The problem is, we hadn’t organised a theme.

Now, we know that some of you are mad keen whisky enthusiasts, and an idea occurred to me that might work as “something a bit different” – therefore we’ve decided to run Whisky Squad 8a as usual, and the theme this month is:


If you’ve got an interesting bottle at home that you’ve bought and would like to share, or an absolute favourite whisky that you don’t think the rest of the squad can go another day without knowing about, then bring it along & we’ll try some! For people who bring bottles, there won’t be the £15 fee. You don’t have to donate the rest of the bottle, either – and it’s up to you whether you want to allow topups. However hopefully if we get a few people to bring bottles we can get a good variety of tastings.

If you don’t have a bottle, but you really, really want to come along then please don’t go out and buy one purely for the sake of being included – just send your £15 over as usual. Equally, don’t feel you’ve got to bring along a bottle of 30 year old Black Bowmore (although if you WANT to, don’t let me hold you back…). The whisky will be shared between those present on your own good will.

Spaces limited to 12 people.

To be part of this month’s squad, please fill out the web form, and in the comment box please state what you’re intending to bring, or whether you’re not bringing a bottle. That’ll help us decide what order to do things in.

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