Happy Birthday Dear Whisky Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad… Happy Birthday to… errm… us!

Photograph by Billy Abbott

Who would’ve thought that when we first crammed a group of forward-thinking whisky enthusiasts into the tiny room at The Gunmakers that we’d all still be looking forward to repeating this ritual monthly a year later…  But here we are, and the Squad is going strong!

Thanks to each and every person who’s come to one of our sessions (by our calculations, we’ve enhanced the whisky knowledge of about 55 distinct humans this year) for your involvement and enthusiasm.  And of course to our pool of amazingly knowledgeable whisky experts, who guide us through each session/theme.

So, here’s to the next 12 months, eh?

(Yep – at Whisky Squad’s Birthday session we had cake.  And it were nice.)

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