Whisky Squad #19 – Grain and grape (bookings now open)

So we’ve whipped around the whisky world in the last couple of months – first the two Japanese sessions in June, then the American session in July.  Time to return to the heartlands of Scotland.  And the theme for August is…

Grain and Grape*

But what does that MEAN?  Well, there’s only 3 ways to find out.  And 2 of those ways involve getting a report from someone who was there.  Frankly, the first way – that of getting a ticket – sounds like the most fun to us.

To make your reservation, please use the Whisky Squad #19 booking form

Book fast, these tickets won’t stick around long!

The date for this session is Thursday August 4th, and will take place in the upstairs room at The Gunmakers.  £15 per head, payable in advance.

As always, the sessions are for people of all levels of whisky experience and interest, and you’re equally welcome whether you’ve been once, never, or somehow made it to the last 15 consecutive sessions.

Whisky Squad is London’s friendliest, most casual, and least patronising whisky tasting night, and whisky enthusiasts (or people who are thinking of becoming whisky enthusiasts) of all levels are welcome to join us.

* I know technically this photo features multiple grapes – please don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm or sense of wonder.


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