Whisky Squad #19 guestblogged

Charly must’ve been suffering a bout of insomnia following the last Whisky Squad session – “Grain and Grape” – because her excellent blogpost on it was published the very next day!  Splendid work there.  As usual, the prize for being first guestblog out is the adulation of your peers and the prestige of being mentioned in a post here on WhiskySquad.com – as well as being linked to as the definitive account of the evening from our “The Drams So Far” archive.

In fact, the only person slacking off in the chain is me, really, because I didn’t mention that she’d blogged it until nearly a week later.  Big smacks.

(Billy also said to mention that he’d written it up, on his eponymous & Dionysian web thing)

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