More excellent whisky tasting opportunities!

A good friend of ours is Eddie, who runs the thoroughly informative and splendidly priced Whisky Lounge.  He has a series of festivals taking place across the country, and whilst he’s not coming to London on his festival circuit this year, if you can get to any of the others they are highly recommended.  The dates are as follows:

Ticket price is £20 and includes a dram glass, programme, bottle of water, and all tastings by the brands represented (varies from show to show, but all are excellent).

For more info on The Whisky Lounge’s other tastings and events, watch their Events Page.

One thought on “More excellent whisky tasting opportunities!”

  1. I’m off to the Manchester one – Eddie’s managed to drag King Car (the makers of Kavalan) over from Taiwan to run a stand and do a tasting in the evening. As far as I know it’ll be their first European whisky show. Which is nice.

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