A handy place to find whisky bargains!

As if not already content with having created the world’s first and finest whisky-based social network, those wacky web wizards over at Connosr.com have now cooked up what one can only be described as “a splendid web thing”.

Whiskymarketplace.com is their new shiny one-stop whisky search engine!

Feeding from the websites of a (growing) number of the UK’s finest whisky retailers, this excellent tool allows you to quickly and easily find nearly any whisky you might be looking for, as well as comparing prices.  You can filter by retailer (if you already know you’re mainly interested in one or two of them), by age statement, by price boundaries, or the Advanced Search gives you even more to play with.

Helpfully, if any of the whiskies listed in your search appear in the Connosr reviews database, then a link to that review is also provided – if you’re having trouble making your mind up on a whisky, it’s often a helpful thing to have!

The really cool bit though, I reckon, is that you can link to particular searches… for example:


As well as just endlessly pre-rolling searches, there’s also a feature to peruse whisky that’s on special offer.

And if you’re short on inspiration or ideas, there’s tools at the top & bottom of the screen to help you through making your choices.

Once you’ve found the whisky you want, clicking the link takes you through to the retailer’s site, and you can get on with the business of buying the thing!

Have a go – it’s neat.

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