Hairy top lips for a good cause: Movember

Chances are you haven’t missed the recent flurry of emails and tweets heralding the imminent beginning of MOVEMBER – the mens’ health charity drive which sees lots of silly moustaches grown in aid of raising funds and awareness, and once again Whisky Squad is supporting the initiative all the way!

How can you help?

1) Participate

All you need to do is grow a silly moustache for a month, and ask people to fling sponsorship money at you!  Couldn’t be easier or more fun!  And at the end of the month you’ll be the envy of your peers – sporting a smart bristly tache, and having made a valuable contribution to mens’ health charities!

As well as all that excellence, the Movember movement offer incentives for fundraising, prizes, and opportunities to attend exclusive Movember events.  For instance, for people who raise over £25 will be eligible for a free Byron Burger every day from Movember 7th!

To get on board, sign up on the Movember site, and when it asks you to join a Team, enter “Whisky4Movember”.

2) Donate

If you’ve got a doctor’s note that says you’re not allowed to grow a moustache, or your Witness Protection Program strategy hinges on the fact that you don’t (the ONLY 2 real excuses for not participating – lets be honest), then why not make a donation – either to the members of the Whisky4Movember team (currently Billy, Charly, Andy, Jason, and Captain DarrenAlan’s also doing it, although he managed to somehow get himself signed up with a different team), or make a donation to the team as a whole?

3) Support Whisky4Movember

As if that wasn’t enough moustache- related fun, Whisky4Movember will ALSO be running whisky tastings and other events throughout the month.  Keep your eyes on the Whisky4Movember website, Facebook Page, and Twitter feed (@whisky4movember) for more info.

4) Buy a bottle of Whisky4Movember Whisky for Movember!

Once again the team over at Master of Malt are supporting the charity effort, and they’ve arranged for an Official Movember Bottling by the Glenfarclas Distillery.  It’ll be available to buy online as of Movember 1st, and they’ll go like hotcakes.

Don’t just do it for your conscience, for the free burgers, or even to rid the world of prostate cancer – do it so people you know and respect have to go to work with ludicrous facial hair for a whole month.

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