Whisky-related hinjinks/tasting opportunities for those lucky enough to find themselves in October right now

(Apols – bookings opened a few minutes late cos I got stuck on the Tube.)

STEP RIGHT THIS WAY!  We have once again assembled 2 unique whisky tastings to appeal to you this month, and in typical Whisky Squad fashion they’re both worth getting excited about!

WS #71 – “Number One Drink(s) in the UK”

Scotch Whisky enthusiasts love trying Japanese whisky, on the basis of its allure and quality – and this session will showcase some very alluring and high quality morsels from Marcin Miller and Number One Drinks.

WS #72 – “Ang/Lee’s Supermarket Sweep”

Probing the whisky selection available in UK supermarkets today, Lee Tomlinson and Angus Martin showcase their favourite readily available options: an ideal opportunity to perhaps find some gift ideas, or stock up for any 4th Quarter social functions you may have planned…

Bookings for these sessions open at 1:30pm on Tuesday October 1st.

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