Whisky Squad #76 – Whisky Surprise 2013

Thursday Dec 19, 2013: 19:30 until 21:30

Salt Bar
82 Seymour Street
Marble Arch W2 2JB

(3 places remaining)

WSSurprise2012One of the hot ticket sessions each year where, instead of us preparing a line up of drams for you, we ask you to dip into your personal collection and bring something to share with the group. Don’t feel pressured to bring along something super expensive, choose something you want to taste and share, perhaps a bottle that has been staring at you from your whisky shelf for the past 12 months. Last year’s session included whiskies from across three continents, Christmas crackers and silly hats…what could be in store for this year?

We will be using 10mL pourers for the good of your bottle (and your head the next day).

There is no charge for this session (seeing as you will be providing the whisky), however we traditionally take an optional £5 donation for Crisis.org.uk – which you can do at the point of booking.

Whisky Squad sessions are informal, non-commercial whisky tastings designed to be enjoyed by anyone who’s interested in learning more about whisky.  No minimum (or maximum) level of background knowledge necessary. However to ensure that everyone gets a shot at being involved, please have a quick read of our Bookings Policy. Thanks & see you soon!

Bookings are closed for this event.