Whisky Squad #5 Guestblogged and filmed!

“Whiskies for Summer” came and went, and our man Billy has already coalesced the vapours of recollection into a disturbingly accurate report of what happened that fateful night in Whisky Squad HQ. ¬†Special thanks to our whisky expert & spiritual guide for the evening, Mr Colin Dunn – a man who knows so much about whisky he can tell you which one’s best for breakfast, and which ones make for a good aftershave!

In fact, through the magic of Darren The Whisky Guy’s multimedia production skills, here’s a video of Colin telling us about the Dalwhinnie Distiller’s Edition:

Makes me wish I had some here with me now…

UPDATE: Andy’s also blogged Whisky Squad #5 over at Good Drinks Etc.

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