Whisky Squad #6 now open for bookings – Brilliant Blends

Can you really believe that Whisky Squad’s reached the midway point between not being in existence, and being a year old? That’s right… it’s session number 6 already! Our “anni-half-sery”!

Whisky Squad #6 will take place on Thursday September 9th at 7:30pm at The Gunmakers pub in Clerkenwell (London’s finest and most convivial ale house).  The theme for this month is:


“Sorry, did they say ‘blends’?”

You bet your [valuable things] we did!  Single malt enthusiasts the world over seek the wide-ranging flavour options of each distinctive region and distillery… so surely there can’t be any blended whiskies that will interest us will there?  WILL THERE?  And just what’s meant by a blend, anyway?  Come along to Whisky Squad #6, and all will become clear*….

Bookings now open on the form you’ll see when you click on this link.

£15 per head in advance, first come – first served.  We’d like to be able to open each session up to more people, but it’s a fairly cosy environment as-is.  Hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to score a spot.  Or, put a circle around October 7th in your diary and keep an eye on the goings on here at www.whiskysquad.com !

(* at least as clear as usual)

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