Enthusiastic notes from The Whisky Show (which next year should be called Dramapalooza, or something)

As mentioned in passing at previous Whisky Squad sessions, at the end of October a big whisky event was held in London called The Whisky Show.

A couple of our number were lucky/motivated enough to go – Darren The Whisky Guy stuck his head in on Saturday afternoon, Billy popped along on the Friday, and I (i.e. Jason) convinced my girlfriend to come along on the Saturday.  We ran into our previous guest Colin Dunn there presenting a whisky & chocolate tasting session, as well as meeting up with Doug McIvor from Berry Brothers & Rudd – the chap who assembled the excellent selection of drams we had at Whisky Squad 7.

It was a thoroughly excellent day, with a cornucopia of whisky tasting opportunities available, and the chief reason I bring it up now is that I’ve just written a fairly comprehensive blog post about it, should you be curious to learn more.

In summary though, £95 for a ticket to an event that allowed me to taste 36 whiskies (more than half of which retailed for over £100 a bottle), a selection of artisan chocolates, enjoy a brilliant 2-course meal, and rub shoulders with a buzzing crowd of whisky enthusiasts is definitely a worthwhile use of fundage.

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