Whisky Squad #10 – Wee Speyside Beauties (bookings now open)

Tonight’s been educational for all sorts of reasons, chief amongst which is not to promise in future to open bookings to a Whisky Squad session the same night as one goes out for a whisky tasting session…

At any rate, you’ll be delighted to learn that bookings are now open for our 10th session – the date for which is January 6th 2011, commencing at 7:30pm at our usual home, the excellent Gunmakers pub in Clerkenwell.

January’s theme is “Wee Speyside Beauties”, featuring a selection of gems from Scotland’s whisky-producing heartland, Speyside. Comprising nearly 50 distilleries, Speyside produces some of the world’s most sought after bottlings, and once again to lead us through some of his favourite examples from this geographically compact area we are pleased to welcome back Berry Brothers & Rudd’s own spirit specialist, Mr Rob Whitehead.

To book your place, please fill out the Whisky Squad #10 online booking form, and then follow the payment instructions that will invariably follow for where to send your booking fee of £15 per head.

Spaces strictly limited to 15 people.

Whisky Squad is designed as a casual and informal whisky tasting evening, welcoming people from all levels of appreciation, from outright beginners who suspect that they might not like the taste of whisky right through to people who edit international whisky magazines and blogs, and happily taking in people who like tasting whisky but aren’t sure whether or not they’ll feel silly trying to put together a set of descriptive tasting notes.

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