Whisky Squad Christmas guestblogged (already!)

Clearly FURIOUS at having been beaten to the punch for the last session, this month’s heroic writeup has been tackled over at Billy’s Booze Blog, giving a sterling account of the incredible selection of whiskies that Darren assembled for our winterval joy.

Of course, in his mention of the inaugural Whisky Squad Christmas Quiz he failed to point out that it was Table 1 (aka “The Penetrating Ninjas!”) who took second place, by the narrowest of margins – a mere 7 points shy of the winning table, and I’ll hasten to add, without a single whisky industry professional on our team!  Admittedly, we had no idea what the most Northernmost, Southernmost, Easternmost or Westernmost distilleries in Scotland were, but then for a minute there it seemed that perhaps neither had Andy when writing the questions…  We didn’t have to get the duelling pistols out, however, and all was well.

Oh, and it’d be foolish not to mention how we managed to lower the air pressure in the back room at The Gunmakers by about 4 or 5 bar by way of simultaneous sharp inhalation, when Darren – amid telling about the wondrous Berry’s Own Selection Ledaig 4yo – briefly became a Gravity Management Consultant, hurling that rarest of bottles straight at the ground and then executing a majestic catch mere nanoseconds later.

If that doesn’t deserve a photograph on the Whisky Squad website, I don’t know what does.

Ladies and gentlemen, the prodigious talent that IS... Darren Rook

3 thoughts on “Whisky Squad Christmas guestblogged (already!)”

  1. And who did Table 1 have? Me, Dave and Jason. The fact that we were in 2nd place was one hell of an achievement considering we didn’t have Billy or anyone in full time employment in the spirits industry.

    Regardless… juggling FTW

  2. Didn’t table 1 also rechristen Richard Paterson with an alternative first name? Whereas Table 5 (the excellently named Team ‘Table 3’) swept all before them even with only 3 people on the team. I will admit that 2/3rds of that team were whisky professionals, but that’s by the by.

    I thought it was 10 points that we won by, but I won’t quibble.

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