Whisky Squad #11 – The Bottle Of Britain (bookings now open)

Whisky Squad number 11… 2011… you’d think at this point I’d try to contrive some Remembrance Day related segue into the Battle of Britain, and finish up with the equally contrived title we cooked up for this month’s session.

Oh, you didn’t think that?  That’s OK, me neither.

So, as tradition now dictates –

Thursday February 3rd


Upstairs at The Gunmakers

The theme is “Bottle of Britain“, which a few people have tried to guess the meaning of… so you’ll have to come and see.  The aim is to once again give you the interesting variety of quality wood-aged libations which our little group are becoming famous for.

I agree, that was a bit obtuse.  Come anyway.  It’ll be grand.  There’ll be whisky there.

To secure your place at the table (or indeed on the sofas at the back), please fill out the Whisky Squad #11 online booking form, and then follow the payment instructions that will invariably follow for where to send your booking fee of £15 per head.

Spaces strictly limited to 15 people.

Whisky Squad is designed as a casual and informal whisky tasting evening, welcoming people from all levels of appreciation, from outright beginners who suspect that they might not like the taste of whisky, right the way through to people who edit international whisky magazines and blogs, and happily taking in people who like tasting whisky but aren’t sure whether or not they’ll feel silly trying to put together a set of descriptive tasting notes.

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