Whisky Squad #11 guestblogged

On the offchance you’re keen to read about what went down at the February session of Whisky Squad (“The Bottle of Britain”), a couple of more-than-adequate accounts have now been published on the Interpipes.

As the title suggests, the format of the evening was to explore the flavour & style options available from around the United Kingdom nowadays, and sample whisky from all around the place – not just sticking to Scotland like we normally do.

Firstly, as beginner’s luck dictates, relative newcomer and prominent beer enthusiast “Alan” provided a drink-by-drink chronicle of the evening’s progress over at his generally ale-centric website, East London Drinker.

In addition the barbigerous bibant baptised as Billy (blameable for Billy’s Booze Blog – hmm, best bring about an abrogation to the alliteration or else it’ll turn into that joke about the time the big brown bear bowled into the Boston bourbon bar…) has scratched out a perfunctory series of symbols and diagrams to sum up how he felt it went.

Quite good fun, by all accounts.

Keep your peepers peeled for news of Whisky Squad #12 – to open for booking any day now – on the 3rd of March 2011, with special guests – the chaps from Compass Box!

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