Whisky Squad #12 – Meet Compass Box (bookings now open)

You’ll be excited to know that bookings for Whisky Squad #12 are now open, and what a night we’ve got in store…

This month we’re tasting a selection of drams from one of the world’s most innovative and exciting whisky makers & blending houses – who you’ve no doubt heard of if you’ve dipped your proverbial oar into whisky-related news in the last 3 or 4 years, Compass Box.

As well as making our way through a brace of fine whiskies, we’re joined by Chris Maybin from the company, who has kindly volunteered to answer any questions we’ve got, offer his take on these wonderous drams, and to see if he’s got any random stories to share of the calibre we have come to expect in the rarefied surroundings of Whisky Squad HQ.

Spaces are unfortunately but necessarily strictly limited, so it’s first come, first serve.  Please book your space using the booking form provided.

The details are:

Thursday March 3rd


Upstairs at The Gunmakers

Seats are £15 per person, payable in advance by bank transfer, or by brown paper bag stuffed with notes.

It’d be just swell to see you there.

Whisky Squad is designed as a casual and informal whisky tasting evening, welcoming people from all levels of appreciation, from outright beginners who suspect that they might not like the taste of whisky, right the way through to people who edit international whisky magazines and blogs, and happily taking in people who like tasting whisky but aren’t sure whether or not they’ll feel silly trying to put together a set of descriptive tasting notes.

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